Acute Stroke App - Making Your Clinical Trial Easier


How we support your clinical trial
Trial Finder

Easily find the right trial for your patient.


Inform all involved colleagues and departments with just one click.

Study documents

All the documents for your clinical trial just a tap away.


All important guidelines are always up-to-date.


Acute Stroke App
Making your clinical trial faster

With the Acute Stroke App we can support medical doctors and hospitals to make clinical research faster and easier and so make new therapies available for all patients faster.

  • Trial Finder

    Find a suitable trial

  • Communication
  • Guidelines
  • Study Documents

Our Team

A dedicated Team of Programmers and medical doctors
Ferdinand Hofer
Medical doctor
Dr. Christoph Zrenner
Medical doctor and Programmer
Daniel Heblik
Dr. Sven Poli
Medical doctor

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